The faculty of Agricultural Engineering & Technology consists of five departments, namely Farm Structure and Environmental Engg, Farm Power and Machinery, Irrigation and Water Management, Food Technology and Rural Industries and Computer Science and Mathematics. The faculty and departments are administered by the Dean and Heads, respectively who are appointed on a two-year term on the basis of rotation. There are more than 68 highly qualified teachers in the faculty, 50% of them possesses Ph.Ds. from developed countries. The Dean of the faculty takes decision of key academic issues through the verdict of the faculty meeting. Preparation of class and examination schedule, student related issues, curricula and course development, faculty development in general are done formally with the close consultation of the faculty members. The present administrative set up is as follows:

  • Dean, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology
  • Head, Department of Farm Structure and Environmental Engg
  • Head, Department of Farm Power and Machinery
  • Head, Department of Irrigation and Water Management
  • Head, Department of Food Technology and Rural Industries
  • Head, Department of Computer Science and Mathematics